Casini Token ( CSN ) ERC20 decentralized in experimental development on the Ethereum network. 

Smart Contract on

Token Casini is the main cryptocurrency of the Bunker Life Club platform.

The Casini CSN ERC20 token increases liquidity at Uniswap through the benefits of Bunker Life Club cryptocurrency investment funds.


Earn benefits for life with the participation of the investment fund

2 ways to invest in Casini token

Private Sale ( Invest here ) and Investment fund ( Invest here & earn benefits for life)

We are the 1st members of the blockchain arbitration



Smart contract ERC-20

Smart contract creation erc20 of the ethereum network for token casini CSN

Create WordPress

Website creation made in WordPress and Cryptocurrency Logos. Domain contracted at – We have been working with since 2014, when they were still

Private Sale

Opening of the private sale for premium investors who will obtain additional benefits and greater rewards. The private sale will end when we raise 3000$ in BNB or ETH funds.

Security Certificate SSL WordPress

We install the SSL Security certificates on the website. Web hosting contracted at – We have been working with since 2014.

Create Whitelist

We created and launched the 1st Whitelist Premium-

Advertising for ICO CSN

We list the companies with which we are talking about the contracting of publicity for the ICO.

Create par CSN / ETH market on UniSwap

Create CSN / ETH market pair and test the exchange on UnisWap.

Advertising for Partners

Creation of advertising space for partners. This space is not for sale. Reserved for associated companies that want to support the CSN project


We have requested an audit in we are waiting for a response to carry out the tasks and be able to meet the requirements to obtain the audit. Video conversation Certik    

Add liquid to CSN / ETH market on UniSwap

80% of the profits collected to create par  CSN / ETH market in UniSwap.

List Coinmarketcup

During the year 2021 we will work and do our best to list in coinmarketcup. But it will surely be for the year 2022.


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