We are the 1st members of the blockchain arbitration

Price 1 BNB = 1 participation

( Receive 500 CSN ERC20 welcome )

How is 1 BNB distributed?

105 BUSD is purchased and used for Launchpool investments

A 0.1 BNB goes to the Bunker Life Club Vault

$ 50 of BNB is sold and saved to buy back BNB when there is a crash (price drop)

The remaining BNB goes to the Launchpad.


Bunker Life Club started with an initial volume of 3 BNB, its liquidity volume increases every 30 days, you can monitor it from the cryptocurrency investment fund.

❓What was the minimum and maximum purchase❓
✅ Minimum 1BNB, maximum 100BNB

Fill in the following form and send your proof of payment


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